Participating in the LTPAC Health IT Collaborative

There are a number of ways to participate on the LTPAC Health IT Collaborative and its workgroups.  Questions about participation can be directed to

Collaborative Membership

Membership on the Collaborative is open by invitation only to the following groups.

  • Associations 

Associations who represent LTPAC interests and have are co-sponsor or strategic partner for the annual LTPAC Health IT Summit are invited to participate in the Collaborative.  Each association can send two association representatives. Typically representatives are one staff member and one subject matter health IT expert from their association membership.   

  • Government Agency Representatives

Government agencies that have staff working with health IT in LTPAC are invited to participate in the Collaborative.   

  • Invited Thought Leader

On an invitation basis, the Collaborative may include other thought leaders and experts that are in roles strategically important to advance health IT priorities for LTPAC.

  • Committee/Workgroups Chairs

Periodically the Collaborative deploys committees and workgroups to advance initiatives. The chair of the committee/workgroup is invited to be a member of the Collaborative during their tenure.

Collaborative Workgroups

Membership on Collaborative workgroups is open to anyone interested in participating.  The following workgroups are currently in operation:

  • Quality Measurement Workgroup

This workgroup is charged with providing expertise and direction for coordinating the quality measurements across the transition of care and harmonizing LTPAC measures with acute and ambulatory care.

Collaborative Committees

The following standing committees support specific initiatives and priorities of the Collaborative.  Membership on the committee is limited to collaborative members:

  • Policy Committee
  • Communication Committee